Direct to Garment

Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printing is a modern digital printing method that involves using a specialised printer to print designs directly onto fabric, typically cotton or cotton-blend garments. DTG printing is known for its ability to produce high-quality, intricate, and full-colour prints on a wide range of textiles, making it a popular choice for custom apparel, promotional items, and personalised merchandise.

So how does it work?

The Direct To Film process is pretty simple really. Once your design or logo is print ready, we then upload it to our DTG printer. The next step is to secure the garment or fabric to a flat printing surface before the ink is applied. The ink is transferred directly onto the fabric, using a combination of water-based textile inks and advanced print heads. Layer by layer the ink is dispersed until eventually the design is complete. The design is then cured during a heating process which creates a permanent bond and protects the artwork from any cracking or peeling.

Why choose Direct To Garment printing over other methods?

No Colour Limitations

When it comes to digital printing, the possibilities are endless. This is why it is the perfect choice for photographic or illustrative prints containing intricate details, gradients or a wide spectrum of colours. In fact, with this method, we can achieve almost any RGB colour, meaning we are not limited to a certain number of colours per print as we are with screen printing.

It also allows for printing photographs and complex artworks with high resolution, providing a level of detail and clarity that is difficult to achieve with other printing methods. Additionally, DTG printing offers excellent colour accuracy, as the printer can precisely match colours from the original design, resulting in consistent and professional-looking prints.

Fabric Versatility

Another positive to DTG printing is that is suitable for a wide variety of fabrics including cotton, polyester, and blends.

DTG printing also allows for printing on both light and dark-coloured garments, as the printer can apply a white under-base layer on dark fabrics to ensure vibrant colours and sharp details. 

High-Quality, Durable Prints

Our DTG method produces high-definition, full-colour results with an incredibly soft feel. Not only that but they are incredibly durable, meaning no cracking or fading over time.

We've run our prints with small lettering and loads of colours through 50+ washes and found they retained their stretch and vibrancy right the way through. Different to screen print and other similar methods, our prints stretch with the garment rather than cracking. 

No Mimimums

Due to the ease of set up, our DTG printing is suitable for both small-scale and large-scale production runs, meaning you are not limited by minimum order quantities. 

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