Screen Printing

Embrace the vibrant world of screen printing with The Colour Cartel. Renowned for its deep roots and rich output, screen printing offers unparalleled vibrancy and a distinct tactile finish. At The Colour Cartel, we channel this tradition, blending it seamlessly with today's design sensibilities to deliver impeccable results.

The Screen Printing Process at The Colour Cartel:

  1. Design Initiation: Begin with an idea. Whether you present a complete design or lean on our design expertise, we ensure it's tailored for the screen printing canvas.

  2. Screen Craftsmanship: Through carefully selected mesh screens, your design is transformed, priming it for the printing journey ahead.

  3. Colour Application: Layer by layer, color by color, the design comes to life as inks are meticulously applied, ensuring vibrancy and longevity.

  4. Curing and Setting: Each printed garment undergoes a curing process, guaranteeing that the design is set to last, resistant to wear and wash.

  5. Quality Commitment: Upholding The Colour Cartel's reputation, every piece is evaluated for consistency and clarity, ensuring it meets our exacting standards.

Why Partner with The Colour Cartel for Screen Printing?

  • Vibrant Results: Screen printing's inherent technique offers rich color payoff, ensuring designs stand out brilliantly.
  • Durable Impressions: Known for its lasting finish, screen-printed designs resist fading and stand the test of time.
  • Design Flexibility: Whether it's a bold graphic or a nuanced artwork, screen printing caters to a broad spectrum of design aspirations.
  • Professional Expertise: With The Colour Cartel, you're not just getting a print; you're accessing a team dedicated to excellence at every step.

Venture into the colourful realm of screen printing with The Colour Cartel. Marrying tradition with technology, we're here to turn your designs into tactile masterpieces, one layer at a time. Whether you're a brand, an artist, or simply someone with a flair for fashion, let The Colour Cartel elevate your screen printing experience.